Birdhill Firm Publishes Booklet ‘Career Choices in the Construction Plant and Equipment Industry’

A 30-page booklet entitled ‘Career Choices in the Construction Plant and Equipment Industry’ has been published by McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, distributors of Komatsu, Metso, Merlo and Zetor.

Written to attract those ‘upon whose shoulders responsibility for the future of the industry will rest’, its content is aimed at the next generation of young people – those who will guide and manage the development of the industry going forward as well as those experienced adults who may be seeking ‘new openings and opportunity’ in an industry they may not have considered previously. 

Birdhill Firm Publishes Booklet ‘Career Choices in the Construction Plant and Equipment Industry'

Booklet entitled ‘Careers in Construction Plant & Equipment Industry’ published by Komatsu, Metso, Merlo and Zetor distributor, McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, which can be viewed on their website

Inspired by comments made by managing director, Michael McHale recently – when referencing what he called ‘a dearth of top-class people’ caused by recruitment demands arising from Ireland’s return to economic growth – it is seen also as a response to a similar observation voiced by Construction Industry Federation director general Tom Parlon recently when calling on school leavers to consider a career in construction.

Noting that it is in the best long-term interests of plant distributors, however large or small, to have stable and effective representation in sales, parts and technical support, McHale adds that ‘career training and development is but another important aspect that a body representing the affairs of our industry could provide’.

As a response to the situation, the booklet produced by McHale is one designed to promote the career opportunities and attractions of working in the plant and construction sector to a wider audience of young people. “In its simplest form, it attempts to communicate the various skill requirements of our industry to those who might otherwise overlook the career challenges and opportunities that it offers,” Michael McHale said.

Published in handy A5-size and in online form, the illustrated publication has been uploaded for viewing on the company’s 

Looking ahead, McHale points out that opportunity exists for others to add weight to the initiative by mounting a special exhibition unit at industry events, by giving talks to industry-related bodies and student groups or by supporting special features and supplements dedicated to the careers available in the construction plant and civil works sectors.

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