C&C Group’s Resistance To Fair Redundancy Package Is Totally Unacceptable – Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the management of the C&C Group to rethink their refusal to offer between forty and fify C&C Gleeson employees who work in the commercial side of the business the same redundancy terms as those obtained by fellow employees in the manufacturing division. Deputy McGrath was speaking as approximately twenty employees are preparing to be made redundant tomorrow with more expected to follow during the coming weeks:

“All the workers are looking for is parity of esteem with their colleagues in the manufacturing arm of C&C Gleeson.

Those in the manufacturing side were offered 5 weeks redundancy while the commercial workers are being offered a mere 3.5 weeks.

The matter is now at the Workplace Relations Commission but as I understand it from my engagement with the workers there has been no progress from the C&C side in terms of accepting the need for increased redundancy packages.

This has been dragging on for too long and the workers need some kind of commitment from the company that their service will be acknowledged in a more meaningful way.

The fear is that the company is refusing to extend the amount of weeks from 3.5 to 5 because they foresee an even greater number of redundancies coming down the track and they simply do not want to set a precedent in terms of the pay out that employees will receive.

There is also genuine sadness among employees in the commercial and manufacturing sectors that iconic Tipperary signature brands like Tipperary Natural Water and Finches are being lost or are under threat.

We need to do what we can to maintain the Tipperary brand across all employment sectors and to ensure that workers are treated with the respect and loyalty they deserve,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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