Nenagh woman included in Intel Women: Tech exhibition

On January 27th Intel unveiled an exhibition of images taken by renowned photographer Kevin Abosch. The exhibition is entitled Women: Tech and captures portraits of a number of women working in technical roles at Intel across Ireland. The collection of images will now be displayed for the next number of months in one of the buildings at Intel’s campus in Leixlip.

Putting our technical women on the walls at Intel is an expression of the value that we place on these women and also the value that we place on diversity and the diverse elements of our workforce.

Nenagh woman included in Intel Women: Tech exhibition

Sinead Garrigan

One of the women included in the collection is Sinead Garrigan from Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

About Women: Tech
Kevin Abosch, who describes himself as an anthropologist trapped in the body of visual artist, creates work that revolves around identity and existence. Kevin seeks to remove himself from the photographic process and explore what is reflected back at him which often is an expression of humanity and shared human experience. In speaking of his work Kevin describes how it is powerful to stand in front of a portrait and share in someone’s human experience and to take comfort in the commonalities that you see.

At the official launch of the collection last week Kevin spoke specifically of how the inspiration for the Women: Tech collection came from a conversation with CoderDojo founder James Whelton who shared with him that participation by girls in CoderDojo fell sharply at around the age of 12 suggesting that something happens culturally to cause these young women to fall out from technology at a young age. This collection of images, depicting those that persevered in technology, and who happen to be women, is an important celebration and acknowledgement of the part that these people went on to play in their respective fields. The images seek to role model the path of women in technology and in doing so may inspire young people to one day see themselves in those roles.

The style of the images themselves is very much in keeping with Kevin’s signature style which he describes as being the result of an intentionally quick process, one which seeks to find something honest, a portrait of a person that resonates with some kind of universal truth, something which we can all connect and identify with.

At the launch event Kevin also remarked on the value of the intersection between arts and technology, ‘Science and technology informing art is something that is well understood, what is lesser understood if how art and abstract thinking can inform science and technology. A non-linear, abstract way of thinking is valuable’.

Intel Ireland’s HR Director, Anne Kelleher, also spoke at the launch of the exhibition and said that ‘I hope that by sharing these images here onsite that we can create a conversation and think differently about where we work, why we are here and how we value everyone in our workforce. These images are role models for other technical women and for those that will come to work here in the years ahead’.

To find out more about the images or to see the full collection visit


About Kevin Abosch
Kevin Abosch lives and works primarily between Paris and Dublin. His photographic portraits address ontological matters of identity and existence. His work is represented in many of the world’s most significant private and public collections of contemporary art, including the National Museum of Ireland which acquired 3 works for their permanent collection. Abosch’s public installations have been viewed by millions of people.  From 2010-2014 the artist exhibited 250 large format portraits at Dublin Airport and in 2013 his work was exhibited across 24 electronic billboards in New York City’s Times Square.

In 2016 Kevin’s portrait of an Irish potato (“Potato #345”) made headlines across the globe as one of the most valuable pieces of photographic art in existence. 2016 also saw exhibitions of Kevin’s non-photographic work at the Museum of Reykjavik in Iceland and most recently at the Museum of Modern Art Bogota in Colombia.

Kevin is also the creator of the popular black and white photo app “Lenka” as well as the founder of KwikDesk, a dublin-based data-security company.

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