Lonergan Calls For Community Subsidy Scheme To Purchase Speed Warning Signs

Independent County Councillor for Clonmel/Cahir Borough District, Martin Lonergan will call on Tipperary County Council to subsidise communities who want to buy solar-powered speed warning signs to prevent excessive speed on the approach to villages and towns.


Commenting on the call, Councillor Lonergan said, “Research would indicate that the provision of solar powered speed warning signs in areas where speed is an issue such as approach roads to villages, towns or indeed estates has, in most instances been effective in reducing the speed of vehicles at that location and of increasing drivers awareness of the excessive speed they are doing.


I would propose that the County Council would own and continue to maintain the signs but that they would remain within the town or village which purchased them on a 50/50 subsidy scheme. The average cost of the signs are approximately €7000 and a scheme is to be rolled out in County Cork!


Vehicle-activated signs emphasise vehicles excessive speed or can highlight a particular hazard, such as a bad bend or dangerous junction ahead.”


Concluding Cllr. Lonergan said, “With the re-introduction of LEADER and CLÁR funding, communities may be able to avail of funding towards their cost of the signs, thus alleviating the financial burden on them. I have no doubt that there are many community organisations in Tipperary that would avail of this incentive and that it would prove successful in reducing accidents in our own communities should it be rolled out. I am calling on the Director of Services for Roads and Transportation and the Roads Special Policy Committee to consider my proposal.”  A motion to this effect has been submitted and will be discussed at the March Monthly Meeting of the Local Authority!

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