Healy – South Tipperary General Hospital urgently needs 40 additional beds to rescue patients from trolley chaos at the hospital

South Tipperary General Hospital urgently needs 40 additional beds to rescue patients from trolley chaos at the hospital. These additional beds are absolutely essential and would make a huge difference for patients and staff.

The Winter Health Service Initiative of the Government is generally disappointing. It is particularly so as regarding extra beds at South Tipperary General Hospital.

While the modular/hotel type beds proposal is included, it is not definitive and is only referred to as 1 of 2 options.

These beds must be approved and delivered without delay as we approach the autumn/winter period.

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris T.D. will be visiting the hospital in October and he must formally confirm these additional beds then.  Should the Minister fail to do so it will be clear that the government commitment is not serious.

I call on all stakeholders including all political representatives, national and local, to rally behind the hospital to ensure that the additional beds are delivered.

The last thing we need is political wrangling, point scoring and disunity.

If these beds are not delivered, the Minister and the Government should be warned that People Power will be back on the streets of Clonmel.

The people of Tipperary are determined that hospital patients be treated with respect and are provided with quality services at South Tipperary General Hospital.

Seamus Healy T.D. 13/9/2016

Tel 087 2802199

Note on Fit out Option

Fit out space within new build under construction.

This refers to the building under construction for CT and MRI Scanning Units.

The 1st floor of this building is currently a shell.

This proposal would be totally inadequate, would not address the serious overcrowding at the hospital and is a cul de sac.

It is currently earmarked for Day Surgery and would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

At most, it would accommodate 5 beds going nowhere near addressing the overcrowding problem.

There were 28 patients on trolleys yesterday and it has been as high as the mid 40’s.

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