Review of Tenant Purchase Scheme needed – Cllr. Martin Lonergan

Local Independent County Councillor for Clonmel Borough District, Martin Lonergan has called on the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government to review the terms and conditions of the new Tenant Purchase Scheme which it introduced earlier this year. The scheme is designed to allow local authority tenants to buy their house outright.


Commenting Cllr Lonergan said, “While I fully welcomed the introduction of this scheme earlier this year, there are particular stringent rules included in the criteria which are excluding a significant number of people and families who deserve the opportunity to finally purchase a house they can call their home.


The criteria have caused certain problems for tenants where they thought they would be eligible, and are subsequently not, because of income, because they are pensioners or because they are involved in a Part V developments, many have been living in their current Local Authority houses for decades.


Not taking Social Welfare into consideration rules out a lot of people who want and can afford to purchase their own house, never mind pensioners. These people have reared grown up families, who have moved out and in some instances may be able to assist them purchase their house so that they can finally say they own a home. Even in certain instances, sons or daughters whose parents would have originally been allocated a Local Authority house, now reside there with their families as Council Tenants.”


Concluding Cllr Lonergan said, “I am therefore calling on the Department to review its terms and conditions of the Tenant Purchase Scheme to allow those who have the ability to pay, are willing to pay but who are been discriminated against under the current rules, so that they have the ability to own their own home under this scheme.”

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