Charity walk with Alex in Glengoole 14th July

The 4th Annual Charity Walk With Alex will take place on Thursday 14th July at 7:00pm in Glengoole. This year all proceeds from the walk will go to The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation and Clonmel Paediatric Unit. Both have helped Alex and his family and hundreds of others. A group consisting of family and friends of Alex have come together to help to raise some much needed funds for them.


Alex, who is 5 was born 12 weeks premature, with a severe form of cerebral palsy and damage to both sides of his brain. Alex requires 24/7 care just to give him some relief from a whole range of health issues. The Jack and Jill Foundation work with his family, giving expert advice and all kinds of

Charity walk with Alex

Charity Walk to raise funds for Alex

help, which has changed the lives of Alex and his family. Alex has been attending the local paediatric unit in Clonmel since he was discharged from the special care baby unit as a tiny baby. They have  gotten him through various different illnesses and complications from his conditions from seizures to severe chest infections and  pneumonia, they have saved his life on more then one occasion and Alex’s family will be forever grateful to them.


All of the staff are amazing and go out of their way to make Alex as comfortable and happy as possible when he is admitted.  Please support the walk and help raise some much needed funds for both Jack and Jill and the local paediatric unit in Clonmel. More info on charity walk with Alex FB page

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