Tipperary Team Through to National Finals of the the European CanSat Competition!

By: Aaron Reid, Jack Cullen, John Ryan and Nicky Cooney, St. Joseph’s College,
CanSat is an international competition thought up by the European Space
Agency to promote science education among second level students. A CanSat
is basically when we design, build and code a satellite that fits inside
the size of a soft drinks can! When the satellite is launched, it needs to
take readings from our sensors and we have the results live streamed to our

Tipperary Team Through to National Finals of the the European CanSat Competition!

Tipperary Team through to National Finals of the European CanSat Competition

The Irish ESERO, headed by Stephanie O’Neill, are responsible for the Irish
leg of the competition. LIT’s Marie Walsh acts as a regional host and
sponsor of the competition. We also had a mentor from LIT, Ian who was on
hand to answer any of our questions. We also got to meet a lovely judge
from Vistakon in Nenagh called Hugh who made the day enjoyable also.
On Friday, 4th of March 2016, our CanSat team – Copernicus IV, won the
regional’s! We are now through to the nationals in Birr Castle in April.

After all the hard work and late nights, we were excited for launch day in
LIT. We had a very early start after a late night adding the final touches
to our project! The most anxious part was waiting to see if our satellite
would transmit results once it was taking off in the quad-copter. That was
probably the most exciting part of the day. After that, we were confident
we could do well once we got the correct data from our CanSat. We
had practiced our presentation so we could deliver it and present ourselves
well. We were all in shock when they called out our name as the winners.
Now it is time to go back to the drawing board again to improve our design!
– Aaron Reid

As part of the team I feel accomplished and delighted that our team gets to
compete again in Birr Observatory for the nationals. Friday was an
excellent day in my opinion. We went in as one of the smallest teams. We
had developed our satellite with the lowest budget approx 40euro and our
CanSat was the lightest at the competition. We competed well and I believe
our win is much deserved. I feel accomplished because after a couple of
months of hard work and challenges it finally paid off! – Jack Cullen

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us
along our journey. Both our school and local community have been so
supportive in everything and have shown us great interest. In our outreach
programme, Paddy Ryan of tipperarytimes has also been very helpful!

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