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As part of its 1916 Rising Centenary Commemoration, Tipperary Excel Art Gallery is proud to re-present an Exhibition of Lady Clementina Maude’s Photographs during the month of March 2016, originally presented in 2007.  Though she was Scottish-born, Lady Clementina enjoyed her visits to the well-known Dundrum Estate. Her affinity with local people developed largely out of her empathy with their suffering in Famine times. She has earned a special place in the history of this community. It makes this collection all the more meaningful and welcome for Tipperary people, particularly as not all the memories associated with the Maude Family in earlier times are happy ones.

Tipperary Excel Art GalleryHer vast collection of photographs from the mid-19th Century  shed new light on what might otherwise have been a much forgotten past. Accordingly, the photos are a very important part of the heritage of South Tipperary. They offer exciting new perspectives and insights on the social scene – in particular on the lives of the gentry and those who worked in the big houses of Ireland when the landed estates were the centre of the rural economy. Taken as a collection, they help to complete the jigsaw of local 19th Century history, left somewhat unfinished by a mainly written and oral record.  Lady Clementina Maude lived through a time when photography, while by no means a new concept, was in practice, very much in its infancy. The practical application of the new art was still a new marvel that had scarcely made it even to the leisured classes. And like all inventions, its proponents had to struggle to give it its rightful place in the arts. Lady Clementina Maude’s achievements should be a source of local pride. But her renown as a photographer has also earned her a place in the history of photography itself. In modern times and outside of the county, her name is most closely associated with the Victoria and Albert Museum. Her vast collection of work shows her to be a woman well ahead of her time and reminds us how early photography revolutionised the way we recorded events for pleasure and posterity. When there is an art exhibition taking place opening hours are Monday to  Friday 10.00am5.00pm. During Art Exhibitions all are welcome and admission is free.

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