Varadkar’s comments rule him out of any further Health Ministry – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on The leader of Fine Gael Enda Kenny to rule out Leo Varadkar from presiding over any possible future position of responsibility in the Department of Health. Deputy McGrath was reacting to claims by the Minister for Health that giving hospitals extra resources and extra beds would actually make the patient situation worse. Groups like the Special Needs Parents Association have also reacted angrily to the claims: 

“The interview that Leo Varadkar gave to the Sunday Independent is nothing short of a confession from his own lips that the source of the chaos in our hospitals is lazy and unmotivated frontline staff. 

That is not only a grossly disparaging remark but it is also further confirmation that this Minister is incapable of accepting any responsibility for the chronic dysfunctionality that is rife in our health system.

For him to even suggest that frontline staff would not work to the highest standard, or would not seek to actively reduce length of stay times if more beds were available is astonishing.

He has done every exhausted member of the health system who is battling persistent ministerial incompetence a grave injustice.

At this point Enda Kenny ought to categorically rule him out of any possible return to health given Mr Varadkar’s willingness to constantly throw the blame on to anyone but himself,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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