Morris calls for public to support Sinn Féin vision, says Ireland at crossroads in time

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has called on the public to realise that Sinn Féin’s progressive vision for society is the best option to achieve the ideals of the Republic. He was speaking after Taoiseach Enda Kenny dissolved the 31st Dáil this morning and announced Friday, February 26th as the date of the General Election.

Morris calls for public to support Sinn Féin vision, says Ireland at crossroads in time

Cllr Séamie Morris of Sinn Féin in Clonmel at the recent water protest. Photograph by Fachtna Roe

Cllr Morris said: “This is a historic election for all of us, and we have to realise that the choices we make now will be reflected upon in 100 years time, by our children, and our children’s children.”

We stand at a crossroads in time. We can either stick with the failed politics of Fine Gael and Labour, and the bankrupt morality of Fianna Fáil, or we can strike out anew for our ideal society. We have this one chance to do what’s best for Tipperary and right for ourselves.”

Sinn Féin has a vision of a New Republic which doesn’t have the constant chaos and conflict that we see now. We can see in our failed health service that the existing policies don’t work. We can see in our housing crisis that the existing policies work against citizens. But only the voter on February 26th can choose which turn at this crossroads we will take.”

We can choose a better education system – starting with more childcare – and moving to full equality of opportunity, or we can stick with the ways that brought our State to bankruptcy. We can choose fundamental change, or we can choose to continue down the road of Fine Gael and Labour which means more privatisation and poorer services.”

Fine Gael and their pretend-left friends in Labour are hurtling down the road that brings us to chaotic American-style taxation with threadbare public services. That’s not vision, that’s just mimicking their governance by corporation. I have a vision of the Republic that matches the idealism of 1916, and the practical sense to see how to achieve it.”

Across our county ordinary people have seen the work that Sinn Féin councillors do. From Carrick to Thurles citizens are realising that only Sinn Féin are on the ground all year round. They realise that our promise to scrap the toxic Uisce Éireann monster, and to abolish Property Tax is part of our commitment to a better Ireland.”

When low earners are removed from the USC bracket, as they will be when Sinn Féin are lead party in government, those citizens will begin to understand the difference between big-business government and government by ordinary people like us.”

But only registered voters get to choose their future. The supplementary register is open until February 12 so I ask anyone not registered get on it immediately.”

Picking another establishment TD for Tipperary won’t do anything different for Tipperary than what it’s done in the past. And that has to stop.”

It’s no longer enough to merely share our vision. Citizens are asked to take action, and vote for it. Register by the 12th, and vote on the 26th. Otherwise our shared dream of a New Republic may never be more than talk.”

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