Buying Irish Locally Will Benefit The Whole Economy

  • Consumers can ‘shift the balance in favour of the home team’.
  • Retailers must promote the ‘Irish Brand’.
  • Every €10 spent on local products generates up to €24 in local community.
  • “Think quality local, think quality Irish”.

At the release of the CSO Retail Sales figures for October last week, ISME, the Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association, called on Irish consumers to buy Irish products from Irish SMEs, when shopping over the Christmas season. The Association reminded consumers that buying goods produced, manufactured and sold locally is the easiest way to support the Irish economic recovery.

Retail Sales figures for October show an annual increase of 6.9% in volume and 3.5% in value. When motor sales are excluded volume was up 5.8% and value was up 2.4% in the year. The monthly figures show a decrease, with a -0.8% drop in volume and a decrease of -1% in value in the month.

Commenting, ISME Chief Executive, Mark Fielding stated, “While the increase in sales is to be welcomed and other macro indicators show positive trends, the SME economy is still challenged and the retail sector is the main barometer. We are calling on shoppers to carefully consider where they spend their money. Buying quality Irish from locally based stores gives a mega boost to the local economy. Every €10 spent locally on Irish products can generate up to €24 benefit in the local economy”.

“Irish produce is synonymous with excellent quality and offers better value than imported goods. While consumers are understandably most concerned with value for money when making purchasing decisions, they can rest assured that buying Irish products from local SME retailers will meet their highest standards and boost the economy at the same time.”

“It is also important that retailers label and display Irish goods prominently within their stores, to assist consumers in making the best choices. Irish consumers generally tend to want to support indigenous businesses and jobs by buying locally and it is imperative that retailers make this a seamless process.”

“The Association is asking consumers to ‘think quality local, think quality Irish to shift the balance’ in favour of the home team,” concluded Fielding.

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