Dr Tony Humphreys – Whose Life Are You Living?

Dr Tony Humphreys will present the seminar “Whose Life Are You Living?” in the Nenagh Arts Centre on November 23rd at 7.30pm.

He will show us how to be inspired to embrace the adventure that life offers. He will look at the many ways we live our lives and question the way we approach it. Our desire to be accepted by friends, family and the world around us can lead us to bow to their demands and shackle our true selves.

Dr Tony Humphreys - Whose Life Are You Living?He will explore how we are not born; bad, ugly, stupid, average, superior or inferior. Yet these and other labels plague our adult lives if unchallenged.

Dr Humphreys is one of Ireland’s best known Clinical Psychologists.

He is renowned for his engaging, thought-provoking and informative talks.

He has written many books including “The Power of Negative Thinking”, “Myself, My Partner”, and “Leaving the Nest”.

Visit Dr Tony Humphreys website.

Dr Tony Humphreys – Whose Life Are You Living? – Monday 23rd November7:30pm, tickets €10

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