Piaf – Christine Bovill at The Source

No Glamour, no gimmicks, no pretence. Nothing but a voice singing of life’s triumphs and tradgedies. Piaf is a powerful homage to one of France’s most endearing icons.


Christine Bovill’s fascination with Madame Piaf (The Little Sparrow) and ‘Performing Piaf’ began at an early age.Stumbling across a recording of Piaf’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien set Christine on a path that would one day see her paying tribute to the great chanteuse in her native Paris.Having started out hating French at school, she quickly became obsessed with Piaf’s voice and grew determined that one day she would sing one of her songs.


Bovill does a great job of celebrating Piaf without resorting to doing a Stars In Their Eyes-type tribute – there are few of the pleading gestures which were the Little Sparrow’s trademark – and hers is a huskier, deeper-sounding voice. From her passionate performance, it is clear that this chaunteuse strives to express the true Piaf as much as she can – something which she pulls off with exceptional sincerity. A magical night is promised.



“She will stop you in your tracks and sends shivers down your spine. One of those moments when you hear something that will stay with you for the rest of your life”   Sunday Times



Friday 27 September


The Source Arts Centre

Tickets €16/14

Box Office 0504 90204


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