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Devilsbit Macra na Feirme was celebrating more success last weekend when three of its members received Leadership Distinction Awards. Tim Maher received a Gold Award in recognition of his work in re-organising and regenerating Macra in North Tipperary, bringing the organisation to new heights of success at National Macra events and competitions.  This award was presented to Tim  in recognition of his inspiring leadership and motivational skills, recognising his past achievements and the advances he will continue to make in the future.  Also receiving Leadership Awards on the night were Catherine Maher who received a Silver Award and Sarah Guilfoyle who received a Bronze

Tim Maher, receiving his GOLD Leadership Distinction Award from National President of Macra na Feirme, Kieran O'Dowd and Club member Gerard Fogarty.

Award. Macra President, Kieran O’Dowd, said, “Macra’s Leadership Training programme aims toprovide opportunities for members to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for a leadership position in Macra and in other organisations. The awards scheme recognises the hard work and achievements of county officers working on a voluntary basis within Macra.” A Gold Award is the highest level that can be secured by a Macra na Feirme county officer, and makes that person eligible to be considered for a Macra National Leadership Award or to participate as a Macra representative on a number of overseas seminars including the European Rally for rural young people.

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