Sinn Féin in Tipperary call for a full analysis of the counties needs and resources before the County is amalgamated

The Putting People first programme or local government reform is beginning to show its real teeth with up to 7 local offices down for closure and 3 offices to be upgraded.

The process is more to do with putting savings first at the cost of closing area offices in Cahir, Cashel, Templemore, Roscrea, Borrisokane ,Newport and three Thurles offices being amalgamated into the Castle Avenue office. The  Thurles Castle Avenue office and the Council Chambers in Clonmel and Nenagh will need upgrading to facilitate the larger 40 member councils. Whole swathes of Rural Tipperary will be abandoned by the cost saving exercise driven by Fine Gael and Labour .

In addition to this Tipperary is being prepared for a daring raid on our most valuable asset with Dublin City Council offering to drain Lough Derg to feed their  own economic region at our expense. To be able to thrive in the enlarged economic region which will be Munster , Tipperary will need all its assets intact to be able to stand up as a viable county in this huge economic region which only favours Cork.

Bear in mind this cost cutting and stripping of services is coming at a time when people are being forced to pay more and more taxes for so called LOCAL SERVICES. In fact Rural services in Tipperary are being decimated despite paying extra we are receiving fewer services

Sinn Féin in Tipperary has been proposing that a full needs and resource analysis be carried out in the county. Our councillors have had motions passed to this effect across the county.  The people of Tipperary need to know that this Proud county has the ability to stand tall in the new economic region before any more assets are stripped to feed the Governments lust to please their Austerity driven European masters.

Sinn Féin are calling on both County Managers to carry out a full needs and resource analysis and a full economic plan for Tipperary immediately.

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