Tipperary County Athletics News May 7th

County Juvenile U/13 to U/19 Track & Field Championships

These Championships take place on Saturday 11th (Day 1) & Sunday 12th April (Day 2) in Templemore Track. On Day 1, the High Jump starts at 10.30am with Track events at 11.30am.  On Day 2, the  Hammer starts at 10am, the High Jump at 10.30am & Track events at 11.30am. Timetables can be found at www.tipperaryathletics.com. Please note that some U/12 events will also take place on Day 2 (60mH, High Jump, Turbo Javelin & 600m). Please also note the following in relation to permitted spikes:-

5mm Tartan Needle spikes (see image at www.tipperaryathletics.com) are the ONLY spike that is acceptable for use in track & field events at Templemore Athletics Track and the Nenagh Olympic Athletics Arena. This decision has been taken by Templemore AC and Nenagh Olympic AC in order to preserve the track surface. There are numerous different types and length of spike currently being used by athletes competing and these spikes are causing damage to the track surface. All Clubs have been informed & this regulation will be strictly adhered to.

The acceptable spike can be sourced at “A Sportsmans Dream” sports shop in Nenagh, Outfield Sports, Carrick-On-Suir, Colgan Sports shops around the Country, Ebay and
Templemore have a stock of 30 sets available to assist, on the day.


  • All athletes are confined to their own age categories in individual events.

  • In Relay Races, athletes may move up two individual years (ie. an U/9 athlete may move up to an U/11 team) in all cases EXCEPT where a Club is entering more than one team in any one race. Athletes may only compete in ONE relay.

  • All athletes must be under age for the entire year ending 31st December 2013 (ie. No athlete may obtain a birthday in the year of competition and compete in that age). Dates of birth and registration numbers should be filled in by Club Secretaries on Entry Form, if not available then, they should be handed in on day of competition.  A full check of all registration numbers for all entrants will be made.

  • In all Track events for athletes aged U/9 to U/11, false starts will be dealt with at the discretion of the starter.

  • In all Track events for athletes U/12 to U/19, any athlete responsible for a false start shall be warned. Only one false start per race shall be allowed without the disqualification of the athlete(s) responsible for the false start. Any athlete(s) responsible for further false starts in the race shall be disqualified.

  • Athletes U/12 upwards must get down for a crouch start.

  • For athletes aged U/13 upwards, use of starting blocks is optional. Athletes may use them if they so wish but coaches & athletes should bear in mind that for Munster & National competitions, starting blocks must be used by all athletes from U/13 upwards.

  • Maximum length of spikes allowed in shoes is 5mm & only type of permitted spikes is 5mm Tartan Needle Spikes.

  • Athletes must wear their Club singlet.

  • In the Long Jump competitions, U11 & U12 athletes jump/take-off from the Board & U/9 & U/10 athletes jump/take-off from a sand marker.

  • All Relays & U/9, U/10 & U/11 Middle Distance Races will be on time only.

  • COACHES AND PARENTS ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRACK OR INNER ARENA AT ANY TIME. This area is for Officials & competing athletes only. Parents & coaches found in violation of this guideline risk disqualification of their athlete(s) Please stay outside the perimeter fencing surrounding the competition area.

  • A sanction of €20.00 per athlete per day will apply to any Club who enters an athlete in the incorrect age category.

  • Late entries, including entries on the day, will attract a double fee. All entries should be received by Juvenile Track & Field Secretary by 12 midnight on the Monday prior to the competition date.

  • The rules of Templemore Track must be obeyed at all times by Officials and Supporters.

  • The Order of Events is published as a guideline only and may be advanced or be delayed during the course of the Championships. Tipperary Athletics reserves the right to alter the programme and timetables to facilitate the smooth running of the competition. Any alterations will be published on the Tipperary Athletics website www.tipperaryathletics.com or announced over the P A on the day of competition.

New County Dates

The County Junior, Senior & Masters Track & Field Championships will be held on Saturday 22nd June in Clonmel & the County Juvenile “B” Track & Field Championships will be held in Templemore Track on Saturday 29th June.

Open Sports Dates for your Diary:-

Fixtures for May

Tues 7th – North Munster Schools T & F Championships in Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

Wed 8th – East Munster Schools Boys T & F Championships in Templemore Track.

Thurs 9th – North Munster Schools T & F Championships in UL.

Sat 11th – County U/13 to U/19 T & F Championships in Templemore Track (Day 1).

Sun 12th– County U/12 to U/19 T & F Championships in Templemore Track (Day 2).

Wed 15th – High Jump Workshop for coaches & athletes aged 10+ from 7pm to 9pm in Clonmel.

Sat 18th – AVIVA Munster Schools T & F Championships in Cork I.T. at 9am.

Tues 21st – Long Jump & Triple Jump Workshop in Templemore Track for athletes aged 10+ & coaches from 7pm to 9pm.

Tues 21st – Planning a Training Year Workshop for coaches & athletes aged 18+ from 7pm to 9pm in Cork I.T.

Sun 26th – County U/9 to U/12 T & F Championships in Templemore Track.

Sun 26th – Woodie’s DIY AAI National League – Round 1

Fri 24th to Sun 26th – National Community Games Finals – Cross Country Relays.

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