How to Run a Family Fun Day Seminar

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership and North Tipperary County Council are running an event ‘How to Run a Family Fun Day’ on May 18th in the Nenagh Arts Centre.


The target audience is festivals and events across the county, including Gathering activities, Tidy Town, athletic events etc.


The agenda for the day will be as follows:

10am – 12:30pm            How to Run A Family Fun Day

Break for Lunch

1:15pm  – 2pm                Mark Graham, A Year of Festivals

2pm – 3pm                       Meet the People who Make Your Festivals.


183 Festivals, in 365 Days, in Ireland

Guest speaker is Mark Graham,

Starting with a pledge to go to three festivals a week in 2012, his target has been far exceeded and he is continuing into 2013. Mark has seen it all in terms of what a festival can offer. If there is a festival doing it in Ireland, he knows where to locate it! Come and test him with your idea to bring people to your area!.


During the third part, we would like to give services the opportunity to be represented. We will have tables available where businesses could ‘set up shop’ and meet potential customers for their services. The aim would be to give festival organisers an opportunity to talk to and ask questions to professionals, and also to increase bookings to the business’ represented.

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