St Josephs College Borrisoleigh Basketball Blitz

By Marguerite Ryan On Friday 22nd March, thirteen 2nd year girls headed down to Rockwell College in Cashel to represent St. Joseph’s College in a 2nd year basketball blitz. These thirteen girls were Niamh Bourke, Rachel Darcy, Sarah Dunne, Megan Fairbrother, Elaine Gleeson, Annabelle Wynn Jones, Amy Kennedy, Norma Lavery, Siobhan Maher, Eimear Murphy, Ciara Ryan, Orla Ryan and Katie Shanahan.
Four teams participated in the blitz-St. Joesph’s, Rockwell College, St. Anne’s Secondary School(Tipperary Town) and Presentation Secondary School (Thurles). Each team would play two matches at first and if a team won one or both of these two matches, they would then commence further in the competition. 
The Borrisoleigh girls’ first match was against Rockwell College. Rockwell had the home advantage and the cheers of their supporters spured them on as they scored 8 points in the first quarter. However, St. Joseph’s weren’t going down without a fight. Excellent defence by Orla Ryan and Sarah Dunne slowed down the onslaught on Borrisoleigh and Rockwell had to fight much harder to score. Borrisoleigh’s first basket of the day was scored by an excellent Eimear Murphy. Eimear’s score perked up Borrisoleigh and some excellent basketball was then played, particularly by Annabelle Wynn Jones,Elaine Gleeson and Megan Fairbrother. The match ended on a high, thanks to a fantastic basket scored by Rachel Darcy. Shot from nearly the center line, it would have been a definite three-pointer if the girls were playing zone. The final score was Rockwell: 22, Borrisoleigh 4.
The second match of the day for Borrisoleigh was against St. Anne’s. St. Anne’s started off strong, with a ten point lead at the end of the first quarter, but the Borrisoleigh girls were determined to make life difficult for St. Anne’s. Niamh Bourke started off the second quarter with a bang, scoring a fantastic basket-the first Borrisoleigh one of the match. Fantastic temwork was displayed during this quarter by Eimear Murphy, Norma Lavery, Orla Ryan, Katie Shanahan and Niamh Bourke. St. Anne’s began to feel the pressure and fouled Norma Lavery, which resulted in a free shot for Norma, which she promptly drived into the basket.
In the third quarter, St. Anne’s only scored one basket, thanks to brilliant defence by Orla Ryan, Amy Kennedy and Ciara Ryan. Annabelle Wynn Jones and Sarah Dunne constantly put pressure on the St. Anne’s defense, resulting in an excellent score for Sarah Dunne. A final basket was scored in the last quarter by Siobhan Maher-the end result of a terrific passage of play by Katie Shanahan, Rachel Darcy and Siobhan Maher. The match ended with the score of Borrisoleigh: 7 St. Anne’s: 22.

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