Moving Palme D’or winner ‘Amour’ screens in Nenagh

‘Amour’ is the Cannes award-winning French-language  film written and directed by the Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, starring Jean-Louis TrintignantEmmanuelle Riva and Isabelle Huppert. The films screens at Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday 9thMay.


The story focuses on an elderly couple, Anne and Georges, who are retired music teachers with a daughter who lives abroad. Anne suffers a stroke which paralyses her on one side of her body. The film goes on to detail the struggle the couple have in remaining together while the matter of Anne’s illness becomes a core issue in their lives.


Riva and Trintignant are stalwarts of European cinema. Riva, famous for her role in ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ in the 1950’s, was at 85 years of age the oldest person to be nominated in the Best Actress category in this years Oscars for ‘Amour’. Trintignant had the lead in the ‘60’s art-house classic ‘A Man and a Woman’, which at the time was the most successful French film ever and has also been the star in Bertolucci’s ‘The Conformist’ (1970) and Kieslowski’s ‘Three Colours Red’ (1994)

‘Amour’ is already regarded as being director Michael Haneke’s best work. He is already well known for his notable films ‘The White Ribbon’ and ‘Funny Games’.

The film screens at 8 p.m. on Thursday 9th May in the Rats Centre on Banba Square. Tickets are €7 on the door or online at

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