Morris congratulates the Organisers of the Visit Nenagh Classic for their huge success

The 2013 visit Nenagh Classic was another huge success for the organisers of the event and indeed for the pioneers of the Sports Tourism grant system that I initiated in Nenagh . My plan was to challenge sporting and community bodies to use their own organisations to bring events like the Visit Nenagh Classic to the town and by doing that bringing much needed footfall to the town. I was always aware that highly paid tourism bodies didn’t really care about North Tipperary so I decided to help sporting and community organisations to help them to become our sporting ambassadors.

The Visit Nenagh volunteers led by Rene Van Dam have been incredibly brave to create an event of this magnitude which is unique in the country as it has a town centre finish and a European festival atmosphere where local businesses can show their wares has been a huge success for the town which of course is fully supported by the Town council in its last full year of existence.

It also comes at a time of a huge high for Irish cycling with Dan Martin having another success in Europe this weekend. It was also Europe that proved to be the inspiration for the winning prize , like the Paris Roubaix tournament the winning trophy is made from local terrain with the local slate quarries providing the hand cut prize for the winner.

This competition will go from strength to strength and I want to remind any organisations out there that Nenagh Town Council will support you if you can come up with events like the Visit Nenagh Classic in fact I know of two other sporting events in the planning for 2014 by other organisations which will further increase the reputation of Nenagh as the Premier  Sports Tourism town in the country.

Yours sincerely Cllr Séamie Morris















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