Irish broadband services cover more than half of country

A service that many of us take for granted, recent news has detailed how broadband coverage in Ireland has now managed to extend to over half the country; ensuring that the majority of residents have access to the numerous services which the Internet provides.

According to a Q4 report from ComReg (The Commission for Communication Regulation) who oversee the telecommunications market in Ireland, as much as 65% of Irish households now have some form of broadband connection.

Alongside the fact two-thirds of the country now have access to the internet, the report also highlighted that revenue generated by the telecommunications sector had also increased. While growth was marginal (a 0.1% increase to a value of €931 million), it is still a positive indicator for the state of Irish broadband availability.

Broadband trends

With the overall availability of broadband services up, the report also looked into what types of broadband connections were proving the most popular.

The overall number of broadband subscriptions rose by 0.5% to 1.66 million for the period. Of these subscriptions, cable broadband packages proved the post popular – rising by 3.4%. Following closely behind were fixed wireless services, up almost 3% with DSL subscriptions bringing up the rear with an increase of 1%.

Lagging behind were mobile broadband subscriptions which actually saw a decrease of around 2%.

Broadband speeds

Of course, it wasn’t just the type of broadband package which consumers seemed concerned with – the report also highlighted the growing importance of connection speed.

According to their figures, more than one fifth (21.1%) of all broadband subscriptions in Ireland are for packages with speeds of 10Mbps or greater. This is an increase of almost 3% from last year.

Broadband providers

As well as considering the speed of connection and type of broadband, the choice over provider is also plentiful for Irish customers. There are plenty of big names operating throughout the UK, ROI and Europe; Sky Broadband being one of the broadband providers Ireland is serviced by.

Ultimately the choice over provider is a personal one but there are plenty of influencing factors. The fact BSkyB, the company name behind the Sky brand, purchased the UK division of Telefónica for £200 million to consolidate them as one of the biggest broadband players in the UK certainly raised their public profile earlier this month.

Alongside their position as second biggest broadband player in UK, the brand is also considered the UK’s most popular triple-play providers. One third of its customer base (approximately 3.6 million users) enjoys this service with accessibility extended to Ireland in February 2013 through a deal between Sky and BT.

According to a report from the time, access to BT’s network infrastructure as part of the deal will allow Irish households to receive a maximum downlink speed of 24Mbps – something which will perhaps cater to the aforementioned Irish market who prioritise connection speeds of 10Mbps or above when looking for broadband deals.

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