Direct Democracy Ireland public meeting in Tipperary Town to set up local branch

One of Ireland’s newest political parties Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) is holding a public meeting in Tipperary Town this Thursday 25th April with the intention of setting up a South Tipperary Branch. The meeting promises to be informative  with a question and answer session afterwards. The meeting will take place in Ned Kelly’s bar (formerly The Underground), 1 James St., Tipperary Town at 8pm sharp.

Speakers on the night include Ben Gilroy, DDI Leader, Raymond Whitehead, founder of DDI and Clare Leonard DDI finance spokesperson. Ben Gilroy came fourth in the recent Meath East bye election beating the Labour party and the Green Party.

What is Direct Democracy Ireland? (reproduced from DDI website)

Direct Democracy Ireland is a new political service whose aim is to restore the provisions of direct democracy to the people of Ireland, and by doing so:

  • To provide the people of Ireland an alternative to the current model of governance which will ensure that election promises are kept and that the interests of the people of Ireland are the deciding factor in all decisions of the government.
  • To create the situation whereby the people of Ireland chose their own representatives via a consultative process in local communities, and are truly represented by their government.
  • To create the situation whereby the government of Ireland are truly accountable for their actions.
  • To create the situation whereby the current arrangement of political parties in opposition to each other and employing the party whip system to enforce the party line becomes obsolete.
  • To encourage the people of Ireland to organise a nationwide conversation on the issues facing Ireland and to work together to create proposals to solve the many problems facing Ireland and the Irish people.
  • To create the situation whereby proposals approved by the people are implemented as a matter of course.

Direct Democracy Ireland’s core values are:

  • Equality, Justice, Transparency, Initiative, Vision, Inclusiveness, Honesty, Accountability, Clear Communications, Fairness, Direct Democracy.

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