Acclaimed Dublin film ‘What Richard Did’ for Nenagh

The IFTA winning film ‘What Richard Did’ comes to the big screen at Nenagh Arts Centre on April 25th.

‘What Richard Did’ sees ‘Adam and Paul’ director Lenny Abrahamson taking major steps forward as a filmmaker. Loosely based on Kevin Powers’ novel ‘Bad Day in Blackrock’, which itself was loosely based on the Annabels Nightclub death, it’s the story of Richard Karlsen (the excellent Jack Reynor), 18 years old, mature, responsible, popular, loved by family, friends, and girlfriend, with the world at his feet and in danger of losing everything because of a single act of out-of-character rage.

Abrahamson’s films in the past (‘Garage’, ‘Prosperity’) have focussed on the marginalized in Ireland, but here his camera gaze falls fully on Dublin’s privileged and affluent young, with their preoccupations and conversations rendered with note-perfect accuracy by screenwriter Malcolm Campbell, who won a  London Evening Standard Award for Best Screenplay.

A steady handling of the subject matter allows the director to identify the core of his tale, the story of male relationships, specifically that of Richard and his devastated father – an outstanding and powerful performance by Lars Mikkelsen.

The film screens at 8 p.m. on Thursday, 25th April.

Admission is €7 and tickets are online at or available at the door. Watch out for special ticket offers around Nenagh for this screening.


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