Lauded German movie ‘Barbara’ to be screened in Nenagh

Set in the 1980’s in East Germany, director Christian Petzold’s ‘Barbara’ is a tense and slow burning cold war drama, set for the big screen at Nenagh Arts Centre.

Barbara (Nina Hoss) is a talented Doctor exiled from Berlin to a provincial northern town for trying to obtain a travel visa. Paranoid from repeated intrusions by the Secret Police into her life, she doubts each person she meets. Can she trust the clinic’s head Doctor, Andre (Ronald Zehrfeld), who seems to want to build a bond with her? Or should she believe her mysterious boyfriend who after a few illicit trysts offers her a bona-fide way out of the Eastern Bloc? When two young people are admitted to the hospital where Barbara works – a suicidal young man and a teenage girl harbouring a dangerous secret  – Barbara must face a moral and personal dillema.


The film screns at 8 p.m. on Thursday, 21st February. Admission €7 and the film’s cert is 12A. Tickets are available at the door.

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