Prendergast calls for end of page three topless pictures in Irish tabloids

Labour MEP for Munster, and former nurse and midwife, Phil Prendergast, today called for an end to page three topless pictures in Irish tabloids.


Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms Prendergast said “I think it is high time that this was viewed for what it is- an exploitation and sexualisation of young women for the brazen purpose of selling newspapers to men.


“I find the idea that in the 21st century we are still tolerating young women, often only in their late teens, being exploited on the inside pages of red top tabloid newspapers absolutely abhorrent.


“I think it sends out the wrong message to young women and, indeed, about young women. I teach sexual health in schools to teenagers and I see how vulnerable these young women can be at this age.


“I think that men and women need to vote with their feet and boycott these newspapers until such time as this practice is brought to an end.


“I have also noticed in recent weeks a proliferation of advertisements for toys coming up to Christmas. I think advertisers should ask themselves whether these page three images of young women are in line with the sort of message they want to send out to consumers of their products. I would be encouraging advertisers to boycott these newspapers.


“A campaign called No More Page 3 has been under way in the UK and has already received more than 51,000 signatures on the online petition site I think we need to start the conversation in Ireland about this practice, and about whether we want to allow this exploitation to continue.”



The No More Page 3 Petition can be found here

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