Prendergast To Refer European Anti-Fraud Office Investigation Into Former Commissioner Dalli To European Ombudsman

Labour MEP for Munster and former healthcare professional, Phil Prendergast, today said she will submit a complaint to the European Ombudsman regarding allegations of procedural infringements by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in its investigation into the alleged abuse of influence by former Commissioner Dalli regarding the proposed new Tobacco Directive.


On the 16th of October the Maltese Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy was forced to resign after an  OLAF report said there was “unambiguous circumstantial evidence” that he was aware that a Maltese entrepreneur sought a €60 million bribe from a Swedish snuss company in return for providing access to the Commissioner.


Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms Prendergast said “Clouds of doubt have recently been cast over the Institutions regarding what the media have termed “Dalligate” or the resignation of former Commissioner Dalli.


“We need to ascertain whether OLAF’s (European Anti-Fraud Office), investigation respected the basic procedural rights enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


“I would like to know if the Ombudsman intends to investigate the circumstances surrounding the OLAF report into the issues surrounding the Tobacco Directive as certainly there seems to be serious questions surrounding the procedural integrity of the whole process.


“I will be submitting a formal request to the Ombudsman in the coming days.”

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