South Tipperary Traveller Interagency Group hosting a number of events to celebrate Traveller Pride Week

There will be a Coffee Morning on Monday the 18th of June from 10am to 1pm as part of Traveller Pride week in the office of Tipperary Rural Traveller Project (1 St Michael Street, Tipperary Town). Members from the community along with workers that are employed by the project will be available to discuss their work. The event is open to everyone.


South Tipperary Traveller Interagency Group are hosting an open Day celebrating Traveller Culture on Tuesday the 19th of June from 10 until 5pm in Clonmel Museum as part of Traveller Pride Week.


There will be a number of objects on display including:

Photographic Exhibition of Traveller culture

Museum exhibition based on Traveller culture

“Reel” displaying Traveller culture

DVD based on Traveller culture

Highlight – Music by Special Guest Singer Pecker Dunne Junior, son of the Pecker from 3 until 4 30 pm (Children of all ages are welcome).


Pecker Jnr. will be singing Old Irish folk ballads, Pecker Dunne Travelling songs as well as banjo playing.


There will also be a 2nd Public Session by Pecker Jnr. from 7 30 until 9pm

Teas and coffees provided

For more information ring 087 6837674

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