Legal challenge against the Irish Government’s Water Flouridation Policy

A legal challenge is being organised to challenge the Irish Government’s policy of adding Flouride to the drinking water.

A website has been set up to accept donations to help fund the legal challenge. There is growing eveidence of the link between water flouridation and many illnesses and diseases.

The website states:

For nearly 50 years the Irish Government have been adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to the drinking water, for the purposes they say of dental hygiene.

Now however, with mounting evidence linking fluoride (and hydrofluorosilicic acid) to numerous illnesses and diseases,  nutrition student (Aisling Fitzgibbon) from County Kerry is planning to take a legal challenge in order to stop untested chemical substances being added to the water supply.

There is a large group of Irish citizens who believe that the water fluoridation policy in Ireland should be stopped, and a full inquiry into this mandatory government policy be carried out, starting with its introduction in 1964, through to the formation and continued professional guidance from the Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health, and also a detailed review of the most recent report to be produced in Ireland, (by Declan Waugh of Enviro Management Services, Co. Cork) entitled ‘Human Toxicity, Environmental Concerns and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation’.

If you are already aware of the dangers related to fluoride then please give what you can to help.If you are not in a position to help financially but have some skills you think could be beneficial in some way, please contact us at If you are unaware of how this harmful substance is impacting you and your children then please take some time to look through the information on this site.

We look forward to a future with clean, safe water!


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