Euro 2012 Soccer free on the Big Screen at Nenagh Arts Centre

Nenagh Arts Centre will screen the three Irish matches in their Euro 2012 Qualifying Group on the Big Screen at the Arts Centre on match nights 10th, 14th, 18th of June.


Brendan Maher at the Arts Centre said this week: “We trying to bring together parents and children to come and see the matches together in a community environment, so we’re putting up our big cinema screen and using our sound system to get the best view of all three matches here in Nenagh. We’re doing it as a free community event and we’re hoping to get kids and families who want to see the matches outside a pub environment into the Centre and share in the excitement.


Despite being free, tickets are required in advance and can be had from the Arts Centre in the old Town Hall. Tickets are strictly limited and offered at a maximum of four per person. We expect that a lot of parents will be interested so we want people to drop into the Arts Centre well before match days to secure their tickets. Under 12’s must be accompanied by parents for the duration of the screening. Doors will be open at 6.45 p.m., that’s one hour before the kick-off of each game and the Arts Centre reserves the right of admission in all cases.


We’ll have a snack shop, so people can get something at half-time. We expect it will be a great event for all the family.”


Tickets as noted are available from the Arts Centre in Banba Square and should be booked and collected before match days in all cases.

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