Tipperary in early Irish film resource

“It is common talk among exhibitors in Ireland that no picture was ever shown in the country that secured anything like the enthusiastic support given to Knocknagow” (Freeman’s Journal[Dublin], 28 Jan 1920).


KNOCKNAGOW; OR, THE HOMES OF TIPPERARY (1918), one of Ireland’s first feature films, is the subject of the Spring 2012 issue of Screening the Past, the open-access film journal. Six articles by specialists examine this cinematic landmark in relation to Irish history, politics, sport, literature, and cinema in Ireland and the United States. Appendices include a plot summary, contemporary press reviews and publicity materials, and a copy of the screenplay. The issue contains a link to the film itself, which was shot on location in Tipperary in summer 1917.


To read the special issue: www.screeningthepast.com/issue-33


To watch Knocknagow (1918): www.archive.org/details/Knocknagow

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