Prendergast Wants EU Scientific Body To Investigate Poisoned Cattle On Kilkenny Farm

Labour MEP for Munster and member of the European Parliament Petitions Committee, Phil Prendergast, has today proposed a solution to the long-running dispute between Kilkenny farmer Dan Brennan and Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH), the owners of Ormonde Brick.


Mr Brennan had brought a petition to the Petitions Committee alleging the stunted growth of his cattle, weight loss, poor milk yields and environmental damage on his farm was caused by emissions from the Ormonde Brick factory. Mr Brennan also alleges that since the closure of the factory in 2008, these problems have cleared up.


Ms Prendergast’s proposal is that the scientific data and various reports be submitted to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre for investigation.


Speaking at the Committee Ms Prendergast said “I think the need to find a solution to this petition is obvious to everyone here. I think there has also been a lot of confusion in relation to the scientific data and in relation to the various reports which have emerged from a plethora of Irish authorities.


“With this in mind I request that the chairperson refer this petition, together with all the scientific data collected and the reports made, to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in order to get an independent evaluation of the evidence thus far.”


Speaking after the meeting Ms Prendergast said “I think the need for an open, transparent investigation into all aspects of this petition is absolutely necessary for Dan Brennan and his family. They have undoubtedly suffered both financially and physically for the past ten years and they need a solution. I hope that the Joint Research Centre can finally bring closure to this episode for them.”

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