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Healthy Hair – Healthy Body

Health is something many people don’t tend to think about until something happens.  Health is also not something that comes to mind when getting the hair done in a hair salon.  However, it can be a very serious health issue for some people.  In the average hair salon, you can be exposed to many different chemicals without even realising.  Some people have had very serious allergic reactions after spending many years getting their regular hair colour done.

As time goes by, more and more chemicals are being created by the chemical companies.  We are on average exposed to many more hundreds of chemicals than our parents were and their parents before them.  What does this all mean to the average person?  It means that they have up to and around 300 synthetic chemicals acquired from food, drugs and personal care products in their system.  The combined effect of all these chemicals is entirely unknown.

It’s not all bad news though.  For many thousands of years, we as humans have been using nature and we still can.  It’s a choice.
Plants and herbs are the answer.  Henna, for example, has been used quite effectively to colour hair.  It’s messy if you try to use it at home, but it’s a very healthy option.  It has no chemicals and it’s a treatment for hair and scalp too.  Henna has come a long way and can be used just as effectively as a chemical colour with great results and can in fact, look a lot better and more natural than the chemical option.

That’s why I use it in my salon ecoHair.  I refuse to submit to chemicals out of convenience.  Henna takes a little longer but it has so many benefits to  me, the hairdresser, by not having to breath in any nasty chemicals, and to you, the customer, by not having to worry about what impact it might have on your health.

Our health is our wealth and we really should take care.  Prevention is by far a better option than cure.

ecoHair Organic Hairdressing is suitable for:

Pregnant mothers
Low immunity
Health conscious
Chemically sensitive

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