Wedding DIY Saves Couples Over €1900

Irish couples who are getting creative and bringing DIY into their wedding planning, are saving 10% or €1900, on the average wedding budget, a survey by online Irish wedding magazine One Fab Day has found.

In their survey of over 500 couples, One Fab Day found that the typical couple hopes to bring four DIY elements to their special day. By spending an average of €450 on DIY, they expect to save over €1,900, a saving of over 10% on the typical wedding budget of €18,000. While three quarters of couples listed saving money as one the main reasons for doing DIY, an even greater proportion are doing it to add a personal touch to proceedings.

“As the recession has developed over the last three years, wedding budgets have tightened, and spend has been replaced with creativity. Couples are increasingly seeking out new and original ways, to make their wedding day more individual and personal while not breaking the bank” says Naoise McNally, Editor of

Highlights of the Survey of Irish Brides

  • Most popular reasons for doing DIY are to add a personal touch to proceedings (85%) followed by the drive to save some money (76%)
  • By spending an average of €450 on DIY, they expect to save over €1,900, a saving of over 10% on the typical wedding budget of €18,000
  • Creating wedding stationery is the most popular form of wedding DIY, with 80% of brides making their own invitations,
  • Approximately half of couples are organising their own cake (58%), flowers (43%), favours (46%) and cars (47%).
  • Just over a quarter are doing DIY photography (25%) or hair & make-up (30%)
  • Only 3% of brides are attempting to diy their wedding dress!
  • While brides, unsurprisingly, are involved in all aspects of their wedding diy work, more than 50% of grooms are also lending a hand, with only a quarter doing so less than enthusiastically.

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