Morris congratulates the Management and Staff of Procter and Gamble

In 2007 Proctor and Gamble announced 280 job losses for their Nenagh plant and in 2009 they announced a further 50 job losses. These announcements were huge morale blows to the management and staff of the plant in Nenagh and indeed to the local economy. It would seem that the company had decided that the Nenagh plant was past its sell by date and that the future for Procter and Gamble lay in Eastern Europe.

It is also worth noting that the I.D.A and Shannon Development had given up on getting replacement jobs into North Tipperary due to their deference to the disastrously ineffective National Spatial Strategy.

While everyone had given up on Procter and Gamble the management and staff busied themselves and knuckled down to prove everyone wrong because their jobs and their families livelihoods depended on it. They have completely turned things around with their dedication and skill so much so that there is now 220 people working in the plant with Corporate Procter and Gamble realising that the Nenagh plant is proving to be a very important piece of their infrastructure. I want to personally congratulate each and every worker in the Nenagh plant for their dedication to their jobs.

The loss of Proctor and Gamble would be too huge to even consider for the economy in Nenagh and indeed North Tipperary and the fact that it has consolidated its presence means that the economy here can have some hope into the future because we have skilled and dedicated workers in North Tipperary.

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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