Morris accuses Ed Walsh of hijacking the Dromineer Literary Festival

I was very disappointed to see Ed Walsh use the wonderful  Dromineer Literary Festival to express his pro establishment views of Presidential candidate Martin McGuiness. Ed Walsh is well known for his fascist anti working class views and is not slow in using every altar to sermon working class people about living beyond their means. Last year he demanded that the Government make over 20 billion of cuts which would have left thousands of families devastated financially. He was also a strong proponent of lowering the minimum wage. Of course Mr Walsh joins other elite fascists like Peter Sutherland who dictate down from their Ivory towers whilst living on a huge pensions paid for by the same taxpayers who they want to see losing their livelihoods homes and hopes.

It is these type of people who are the real architects and supporters of the type of austerity measures that working class people are facing across Europe to pay off greedy bondholders and banksters in a sick social project which of course doesn’t effect Mr Walshs nor Mr Sutherlands obese pensions. The committee of the Dromineer Literary festival should of course not be giving public forums for such fascists but their naivety was badly exposed and abused by Mr Walsh.

The establishment have every right to fear Martin McGuiness and Sinn Fein because we will take them on and bring them to account for their roles in destroying the Finances of this country. The Mr Walshes and the Mr Sutherlands of this world will be consigned to History  and their obese pensions will be reviewed under our watch that is for sure.

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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