Academy Award winner ‘Black Swan’ screens at Nenagh Arts Centre

‘Natalie Portman in Black Swan’- at Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday 13th October

‘Black Swan’, the acclaimed ballet drama starring Natalie Portman screens at Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday 13th October at 8 p.m. Directed by Darren Aronovsky, the film contended for Oscar glory this year, with Portman taking the Best Actress award.

At its centre is young ballerina Nina Sayers, played by Portman. She is beautiful, vulnerable and susceptible to mental illness. To play the role of a lifetime for her ballet company, Nina must delve deep into her own dark side. As her hallucinations and anxiety attacks escalate in tandem with her progress in rehearsal, artistic breakthrough fuses with nervous breakdown. This is a movie about fear and love; fear of your body, fear of being supplanted in the affections of a powerful man, love of perfection, love of dance, and perhaps most importantly of all, a passionate hatred of your mother.

Aronovsky creates a powerful drama as matters come to a head for Nina. The film is strong on symbolism with a forceful sense of psychological terror and as such it is for audience members aged over sixteen years.

Nenagh Film Club screenings take place with a cinema screen and cinema sound at the Arts Centre in the Town Hall in Banba Square.

Start time for ‘Black Swan’ is 8.0 p.m. on Thursday 13th October. Booking in advance from the Arts Centre on 067 34900 or online at Tickets are €7.

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