Workshop of knowledge, meditation, relaxation and fun in Nenagh

Journey to the New YOU

Are you ready to begin the Journey …..

The journey of life is a journey to Know Thyself on all levels,

Body, Soul & Spirit.

When we embrace all aspects of the self, we find true contentment,  balance and inner peace, which supports the manfestation of positive and real change in our lives.

Come and join Margaret Dunne & Marian Healy, initiated Teachers and Guides with the Modern Mystery School for a workshop of knowledge, meditation, relaxation and fun.  During the workshop you will gain experience of deep meditation, tools you can use daily to manage your energy and learn about The Modern Mystery School, the lineage of King Salomon and the Paths of Initiation.

ARE YOU READY TO re-discover the true you and find GREATER joy and meaning in life

Date: Saturday 1st October 2011

Time: 2.15 – 6 pm                  


Location: Tyone Community Centre, Tyone, Nenagh –(beside Nenagh General Hospital)

Contact Margaret Dunne on (087) 912 95 81 for more details or to book your place


2 Responses to “Workshop of knowledge, meditation, relaxation and fun in Nenagh”
  1. Sarah Ryan says:

    Hello, are there any meditation classes running in Nenagh ?

  2. admin says:

    In the Heart Centre there are meditation classes. more info. here

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