Talk Talk closure gives workers no time to adjust their personal finances – Prendergast

Statement by Phil Prendergast MEP

“Management at the Talk Talk call centre in Waterford owe it to the people of the South East to explain why they decided to make up to 575 people unemployed at such short notice. The decision will have a devastating on
the personal finances of these workers who now have very little time to adjust.

“Profits are on the rise at the company and its business is expanding. Management says the facility is to close mainly because customer care calls have dropped 40%. This hardly happened overnight which suggests the company had this closure in mind for some time.

“While investment that creates jobs is always welcome, companies need to remember that employment is a two-way street. Having availed of the benefits of a dedicated workforce for 13 years, Talk Talk owes the workers and the wider community better treatment.
“The short notice only adds to the shock and sense of devastation for the workers and their families. If they had some sense that jobs could be on the line, they would have been able to take care with financial commitments such as mortgages and other loans.

“The short notice also gives very little time for support agencies to implement an action plan for assisting those losing their job.

“I support Minister Richard Bruton’s call for the closure date to be extended. A phased wind-down should also be on the agenda for today’s meeting between management and staff.

“The company needs to revise its decision in the interest of workers, their families and the wider region.”

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