North Tipperary Ógra Fianna Fáil notes 12th Sept

A number of issues were discussed at a meeting of Ógra Fianna Fáil held last Friday night. Members were disappointed with the Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn’s failure to cut the cost for families of buying school books, having raised expectations during the summer. Members discussed a number of ways of relieving the amounts to be paid. The future of Agriculture was also discussed with members stating that the current Milk quota structures were holding back the Irish Dairy Industry. Members reiterated their criticism of the government’s implementation of the Jobs Direct internship scheme, pointing out a number of flaws in the scheme. Members discussed plans for the Ógra Youth Conference which will take place in Cork next November.

North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail is in a strong position to lead the renewal of the party in this Constituency. Since last Christmas 15 new members have joined our ranks and we hope to launch a recruitment drive over the next few weeks. Reasons for young people to join Fianna Fail include Republicanism, Community involvement, political participation, and of course plenty of fun meeting new people. For more information or to join North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail please email or join us on

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