Morris welcomes An Bord Pleanala decision

Seamie Morris

I would like to welcome An Bord Pleanalas decision to refuse planning permission for development of 12 houses as Phase 1 of a three phase development in the controversial site in Puckane. I would like to applaud the people of Puckane and in particular the Puckane Development Association for their persistence in standing up to the dark forces that sought to destroy their beautiful village. The decision totally vindicates their insistence that Puckane had not the infrastructure for this size of development. It should also be noted that N.T.C.C. has purchased two large pieces of land for housing which lie idle and I would encourage them to seek to develop these site to the benefit of the People from Puckane and surrounding areas who are on housing lists.

The decision gives its reasons as 1/ Notwithstanding that the proposed development is zoned for residential development, it is situated in a peripheral location served by a poor road system, lacking public footpaths or lighting, and development on this scale would not represent a logical sequential addition to the overall development of this attractive village and as such , would be contrary to the Western Area Local Plan 2006 and to the Guidelines for planning authorities on Sustainable residential development in Urban areas issued by the Department Of Environment Heritage and Local Government in May 2009. As such, it represents a haphazard, Piecemeal and uncoordinated development that would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. 2/ It is considered that the sightlines at the junction of the proposed access road and public road are severely restricted and the traffic movements generated by this proposal would result in the creation  of traffic hazard to road users. The proposed development would , therefore, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

It is also a vindication for my stance with the people of Puckane despite receiving a threat of legal action by the 7 area councillors who looked for an apology from me when it was the councillors that let the people of Puckane down and I now think it is time that they admitted that they were wrong and apologised to the people of Puckane. This now puts an end to the attempt to destroy this beautiful village unnecessarily but the dark forces didn’t realise that they had decided to destroy the wrong village. The people of Puckane can be proud of themselves but many other places of beauty have been destroyed by similar dark forces in the Celtic Tiger era. This is a day of joy for a wonderful group of people who had the courage and conviction to stand up for themselves.  Your sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 27/08/11

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