Councillor Morris claims another success from his sports tourism initiative

I can confirm that that Delbarton High School From Morristown New Jersey have booked into the Abbey Court Hotel from 15th to 18TH March to add to Okan ss R.F.C from Canada for that week alone. That is 80 extra tourists for the area in that week alone and the possibility of two more groups in the pipeline.

Delbarton High School is one of the eminent high schools in America and there presence in Nenagh is evidence of the success of the Sports Tourism initiative that I have driven in my time as a councillor.  Of course I would not have had the ability to drive this on if it wasn’t for the support of my fellow councillors or the fantastic ambassadors that we have in our sports clubs in the town or indeed the very welcoming public that we have in our naturally friendly town.

Nenagh is a perfect location for Catholic High schools tours because of its size and manageability where the children’s parents can feel happy with the safety of their children in our town.

I can also confirm a major conference for Nenaghf for the 23rd to the 25th September in the Abbey Court Hotel which will explore the role of the council in encouraging and supporting the development of Enterprise through Tourism and sport using Nenagh as a template. The key objectives of the conference will be to explore the importance of sport as a tourist attraction, the current value of tourism to the Irish Economy. Developing niche market tourism in the area, researching potential markets for new sporting events to be held in Ireland, the importance of inclusion in core strategy and facilitating a brainstorming session and action plan development The conference will bring delegates from all over the country to listen to John Delaney Chief Executive F.A.I, John Sweeney Clare Sports Partnership George Hook Junior of Irishrugby tours Theresa Mulvihill Smart Marketing ltd. The F.A.I and Shannon development will have information stalls over the weekend. I would encourage all tourist providers to take advantage of the brainstorming sessions with such experts.

I look forward in announcing further groups for the town as they book into the Abbey Court Hotel in the near future. Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 26/08/11

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