Book Review

The Greatest Brigade

Thomas J Craughwell

Review by Elizabeth O’Shea

In a recent Drive Time radio diary, Joe O’Connor talked about the
forgotten Irish soldiers of the US civil war. Hundreds of thousands of Irish soldiers fought on both sides of the conflict, and their participation made a massive contribution to the war effort and, as a result, directly improved attitudes toward Irish people in the US.

Thomas J Craughwell’s The Greatest Brigade is amply illustrated with
maps, photos, and engravings that bring alive his text. Clearly and
engagingly written, the book explains how and why the brigade was
formed and details its significant contribution – and losses – at the major
battles of the US civil war.

The Greatest Brigade is an excellent book for anyone interested in this
key war in US history, which is certainly one of the most important
events in the formation of the modern USA, and in the history of the Irish
diaspora. The generously illustrations and well-thought design also make
The Greatest Brigade a great pleasure to read.

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