Public presentation in Nenagh on the role of technology in Haiti disaster response

Evert Bopp, the founder of the Tipperary based technology charity “Haiti Connect” kicks off a nationwide series of public presentations in the Nenagh Arts Centre this Sunday July 24th at 7:30 pm.

Having founded the charity together with his wife Kate shortly after an earthquake devastated Haiti killing over 200,000 people in January 2010 Haiti Connect has been involved in a number of projects in Haiti. They have build wireless computer networks bringing Internet access to hospitals, clinics and similar organisations and have also supplied a large capacity generator to a hospital in the city of Leogane which could not treat any patients due to a lack of power.  They have since shifted their focus from disaster response to rebuilding projects and the organisation is now working on opening a “Start-up business incubator” helping Haitians to start their own business. Haiti Connect is also working on developing an online database of medical service and expertise available in Haiti. This is something that is lacking at the moment and which causes serious delays in emergency care.

In an attempt to raise awareness and support Evert Bopp will be giving a series of public presentations around Ireland. During the presentations he will talk about the current situation in Haiti and the ongoing need for the support. He will show how technology is playing an increasing role in disaster response and communication and how the use of open source technology as well as social media is enabling an increasing number of grassroots organisations to play a significant role in disaster response end rebuilding work.

The event is free to attend however there is an opportunity to make a donation to support Haiti Connects work during the event.

The presentation starts at 7:30pm and will be finished at 9:30pm.

For more contacts please contact Evert Bopp on 086/8645099 or see the following websites:

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