Tipperary V Clare: Previous Championship Meetings

Played 49, Tipperary won 34, Clare won 11, Draws 4. (They have also played 49 times in the NHL)

(Two of Clare’s ‘’victories’’, the 1889 and 1938 semi finals, were achieved through objections, after Tipp had won the games. The 1917 Munster semi-final was unfinished, but Tipp advanced to the final, having led by 3-6 to 1-2 when play was stopped).

Last ten meetings:

14/9/1997          Croke Park                    Clare 0-20 Tipp 2-13       All Ireland Final                              Tipp top scorer:            Tommy Dunne 0-6

6/6/1999            Páirc Ui Chaoimh           Clare 2-12 Tipp 0-18       Draw, Munster S/F                              Tipp top scorer:            Tommy Dunne 0-7

12/6/1999          Páirc Ui Chaoimh           Clare 1-21 Tipp 1-11       Replay, Munster S/F                         Tipp top scorer:            Tommy Dunne 0-10

11/6/2000          Páirc Ui Chaoimh           Tipp 2-19 Clare 1-14       Munster S/F                                      Tipp top scorer:            Eugene O’ Neill 0-7

3/6/2001            Páirc Ui Chaoimh           Tipp 0-15 Clare 0-14       Munster S/F                                   Tipp top scorer:       Eoin Kelly 0-7

19/5/2002          Páirc Ui Chaoimh          Tipp 1-18 Clare 2-13       Munster Q/F                              Tipp top scorer:            Eoin Kelly 1-8

18/5/2003          Páirc Ui Chaoimh           Clare 2-17 Tipp 0-14,      Munster  Q/F

Tipp top scorer:            Eoin Kelly 0-7

5/6/2005            Limerick                         Tipp 2-14 Clare 0-14      Munster S/F

Tipp top scorer:            Eoin Kelly 0-7

13/7/2008          Limerick                                    Tipp 2-21 Clare 0-19       Munster Final

Tipp top scorer:            John O’ Brien 1-4

21/6/2009          Limerick                        Tpp 3-18 Clare 1-22       Munster S/F

Tipp top scorer: Noel McGrath 0-7

Tipperary Team v Clare Munster S/f 21/6/09:

B Cummins; P Stapleton, P Curran, C O’Brien; D Fanning, C O’Mahony (Capt.), P Maher; J Woodlock, S McGrath; P Kerwick, S Callanan, J O’Brien; E Kelly, L Corbett, N McGrath.

Subs: B Maher for O’Mahony (ht), W Ryan for Kerwick (53), B Dunne for S McGrath (62), H Maloney for Callanan (63), P Kelly for E Kelly (66).

Scorers: N McGrath 0-7 (0-1f, 0-1 s/l), J O’Brien 1-2, L Corbett 1-1, P Kerwick, E Kelly (0-3f) 0-3 each, S Callanan 1-0, J Woodlock, D Fanning 0-1 each

Tipperary Team v Clare Munster Final 13/7//08:

B Cummins, E Buckley, P Curran, C O’Brien,  E Corcoran, C O’Mahony, S Maher, J Woodlock, S McGrath, P Kerwick, S Callanan, J O’Brien, E Kelly (Capt.), L Corbett, S Butler.

Subs: D Fanning for Curran (30), M Webster for Kerwick (48), H Maloney for Butler (53), B Dunne for Woodlock (66).

Scorers: J O’Brien (1-4), S Callanan (1-3), E Kelly (0-6) 2 f’s, S McGrath (0-3), L Corbett (0-2), J Woodlock, P Kerwick, H Maloney (0-1) each.

Last championship game for Tipperary:

Tipperary 3-22 Cork 0-23 Munster SHC Q/f Semple Stadium 29/5/11

Tipperary: B Cummins; P Stapleton, P Curran, M Cahill; D Young, Pádraic Maher, J O’Keeffe; G Ryan, S McGrath; S Callanan, N McGrath, Patrick Maher; E Kelly, J O’Brien, L Corbett.

Subs: J Woodlock for S McGrath ’40, C O’Mahony for Young ’59, B Dunne for O’Brien ’62, P Bourke for Ryan ’66.

Scorers: E Kelly 1-07 (0-5f), L Corbett 1-2, S Callanan 0-5, N McGrath 0-4 (0-2 sl), B Dunne 1-0, J O’Brien 0-2, Patrick Maher 0-1, J Woodlock 0-1.

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