Tipperary Institute Student is Templemore’s “Young Person of the Year”

Pictured receiving her Award as ‘Young Person of the Year’ 2010 is Jacqueline Kelly, Lisheen, Templetuohy, accompanied by Mayor of Templemore Mr Joe Bourke.

Miss Jacqueline Kelly was selected as Templemore’s “Young Person of the Year” at the Town Council Annual Award Ceremony Tuesday in Templemore.  Jaqueline is studying Business in the T.I. in 4 Year Honours degree Course, and is a native of Lisheen, Templetuohy, she received her early Education at Moyne National School and later in Our Lady’s Secondary School, Templemore.  During 2009/2010 she was employed in Eurospar, Templemore.

Jacqueline won the award for her enterprise she showed in 2009/2010 to overcome her Mother’s illness and still exceed, the C.A.O points cut off place by over 130 points, despite being absent 80% if her Leaving Cert Year.

Jacqueline kept in touch with her teachers by email, by text, by telephone and by post.  Another student would have written off the year but not Jacqueline who showed great determination and belief in her own ability to overcome adversity.  With the aid of her teachers she taught herself at home using various websites, to keep in touch, when her mother’s health allowed she came to school.  She successfully nursed her Mum back to full health and still shone academically throughout this period.

Stephen O’Riordan, representing the Leaving Certificate Class of 2010, spoke to the gathering, saying that for many months his classmates had thought it was Jacqueline that was sick, unaware of the acts of heroism she was performing behind the scenes.  “Day after day we would complain of the burden of juggling a social life with the Leaving Cert, looming.  We never knew that sitting three rows in front of us was a girl who was going above and beyond what was expected of her.  When we finally found it was not Jackie, but her Mother I can safely say there wasn’t a person in the school who wasn’t amazed”.

As Stephen continued, one could hear a pin drop he said that “as the stories trickled out of Jackie saving her Mother’s life and still managing to beat us all in the Maths test it became clear what kind of a person Jackie Kelly is; diligent, caring, loyal, while also displaying a level of maturity and courage which I can only hope I myself may someday achieve”.

Stephen concluded by saying that “there is not a single other person in this Town whom deserves this award tonight more than Jackie.  On behalf of Jackie’s class mates and of course her, ever youthful Mother we congratulate you on showing us that nothing is impossible and we wish her the best of luck in what I’m sure with her brains and determination will be very successful in the future”.

Tom McGrath, (Town Clerk) read Jacqueline’s citation and concluded by saying that Jackie is an example to all young people of the good one can do in society, in their own lives and in the lives of others.  She is Templemore Town Councils “Young Person of the Year (Enterprise)” for 2010.

Jackie received her award from Mayor, Joe Bourke and then she, thanked everyone present for their “welcome and unexpected award”.  Jacqueline said that modern medicine had cured her Mum, her own nursing skills helped and that modern technology helped her to achieve her own personal goals.  She received a prolonged ovation.

Mayor Joe Bourke said she is a young lady that we will hear a great deal about in the future.  Martin Leyden (Teacher) said that Jacqueline is the greatest pupil that he had taught in his teaching career and that she and her mother were now involved in raising funds for Cork University Hospital where Mary (her mother) had been successfully treated.

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