Tipp North Ógra Remembers ‘Heroic’ Brian Lenihan

North Tipperary Ógra Fianna Fáil held a special meeting in The Arch Bar Thurles on Saturday 20th of June to pay tribute to the late Brian Lenihan Junior. In an emotional meeting members of Ógra recounted their experiences of meeting the former Minister for Finance at Fianna Fáil events and the interest he displayed in Ireland’s youth and their ideas. The meeting was called by Ógra Chair Colm Reddan to allow members to express their views on a man whom he described as heroic. First to speak on the night was Arthur Griffin of Thurles who spoke of his admiration for Lenihan whom he described as incredibly brave. “If I were to write his epitaph it would be this: At a time in public life when cynicism and apathy prevailed, Brian Lenihan’s selfless courage in putting the country first was incredibly brave, it was a sense of duty and patriotism that comes along only very rarely.” The Chair of Newport Ógra Greg Moroney spoke of Lenihan’s great ability as a parliamentarian and as a public servant.  “He was a man who had a commanding presence. He commanded the respect of the Dáil. The work he did was patriotic. Nobody earned the right to criticise him because nobody sacrificed so much for the country”. The youth officer for Fianna Fáil in North Tipp Tim Maher then paid his tribute to the late TD. “I always believed he would have led Fianna Fáil. He was the man the country needed. Brian would talk to people and was genuinely interested in their views.  A huge loss to country and party.’ Tim Maher. The youngest member present on the night was Eoin Long from Thurles. Eoin spoke of his respect for Brian Lenihan as a politician: “When the chips were down and others ran away. He had the courage to run again. He put party and country before self in an ever shortening life” Ógra Vice Chair Silvianne Strapp from Littleton proposed that the meeting support the sentiments expressed by journalist Con McGrath when he opined: “Brian was a true modern patriot. An example to a weakened country as to how to stay going in time of crisis”. The meeting then heard stories from Secretary Ger Fogarty regarding two encounters with Lenihan at Bodenstown and Beal na mBláth. He said that Lenihan spoke to him about the economic crisis and that he listened and debated with Ger about various solutions to the problems. The meeting also expressed sympathy to the family of the late FF TD John Fanning on the passing of John’s widow Josie Fanning. While no members of Ógra were alive in John Fanning’s time the members present often heard older party members discuss Fanning and his commitment to public service.


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  1. Shane says:

    sympathies to his family
    “heroic” &”patriotic” are not words i would or could use

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