The Source needs your cast offs

This summer The Source Arts Centre and Tipperary Regional Youth Services will be working with a group of young people on a project called the Trashcatchers Ball.

Working under the guidance of Tony Fegan, Director of Tallaght Community Arts Centre a group of 25 young people from the Thurles area will design and create their own costumes from recycled materials. As part of the journey of discovery these young people will take, in producing this work, they will be examining the nature of their environment: What can we reuse? How does how we live our lives impact on our surroundings? How do decisions we make now affect our future and the futures of those around us?

The Source needs raw materials for these future artists and designers to work with so they are looking for any clean tee shirts, shirts, trousers and jeans, jackets, skirts and especially hats you may have. They are also looking for lengths of material and cloth, clean old plastic toys, small dolls and teddies and wire coat hangers. Any left over material will be donated to charity. So come on, get into your wardrobes and clear out what you have.

Donations will be accepted at The Source Box Office on Friday 17th June between 10.00am and 5.00pm

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