The Armagh Rhymers – A taste of Irish culture at The Source

The Armagh Rymers

The Armagh Rhymers are to appear on the walkway outside the Source Café on Saturday 2nd July at 2pm for a free performance.

Funny, poignant, eerie, hilarious, this is folk theatre that is as Irish as a plate of boxty…

You might describe them as ballad singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, mummers and mimers, comedians bedecked in bright motley costumes and masks of flax, willow and straw.
They act out the old mumming stories, legends, customs and habits handed down from the old days. Mumming is a form of irreverent folk theatre which dates back to at least the 1860s in Armagh. Expect to split your sides with laughter and for the hairs on the back of your neck to bristle.

In the past, entertainment was as dangerous as it was enjoyable, musicians and actors appeared in masks, the disguise essential when they held the mirror of mirth up to expose the foibles, frailties and fixations of the societies in which they lived.

“People don’t fight when they are laughing” says one of the Armagh Rhymers. There is a serious side to the Rhymers often black humour “We have been pioneers in a multi-cultural approach to solving conflict in the community, bringing together Catholics and Protestants  in Ireland and in the United States bringing Jewish, Irish, Episcopalian, black, white, and Spanish together.”

The Armagh Rhymers have travelled the world, from Alaska to India, now it is Thurles’ turn to come under their spell.

The Armagh Rhymers are outside The Source Arts Centre on Saturday 2nd July at 2.00pm. There is no cover charge.

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