Health & Safety Issues, Mayor Seamie Morris’s Letter to Joe McGrath County Manager

To Joe Mcgrath County Manager Matt Short Brian Beck Planning Department

North Tipperary County Council.

Dear All,

I have for quite a long time now made genuine efforts to make the living standards of Ardan The Terrace Borrisokane bearable for the long suffering residents there. I am embarrassed to say that this has not happened yet despite giving a large photographic display of the hazards of the estate to the county manager on his first week in office. I am now asking for health and safety reasons to apply the new Government fund to get money to bring this dangerous estate up to liveable standards. I listened with great interest to Minister Phil Hogan this morning where he said that the funding was specifically for estates with severe health and safety issues. This estate has 1/ Thousands of litres of water leaking from behind one house with the distinct possibility of subsidence 2/ Dangerous scaffolding with 6 inch blocks overhanging them 3/ Rats infestation because of buried rubbish 4/ No storm water relief with the possibility of flooding in the nearby graveyard these issues along with normal unfinished estate issues would lead me to the conclusion that we have to do something immediately for the residents of this estate. I have on a number of occasions tried to find out which estate was the one estate in the County that has qualified for such funding up to now and I have not had the decency of an answer. I would also like to know what grade that this estate was given in the recent unfinished estate surveys. Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 16/06/11

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